Defamation & Online Takedowns

It can take years or even generations to establish a good name or reputation personally or in business. Unfortunately the same good name or reputation can be irreparably destroyed in a moment by a defamatory comment or content. Such comments or content can spread rapidly online, particularly on Social Media where a reputation can be destroyed in hours, often by inaccurate or misinformed portrayal of the facts. Defamation does not have to be spread online to be damaging and defamation of a professional reputation by a client, employer, colleague or former employee can be equally detrimental and costly.

We have years of experience advising individuals and businesses on the best way to protect your reputation. We regularly engage with media and social organisations to take down damaging information and assist our client to sue for compensation. We also can help our clients obtain injunctions to prevent defamatory information ever being published. If you or your business anticipates that it may be defamed or has already been defamed please to contact us to discuss your options.

Our expertise includes:

  • Pre defamation engagement
  • Obtaining injunctions to prevent or prevent further defamation
  • Obtaining compensation for defamation
  • Removal of defamatory posts from Social Media
  • Right to be forgotten

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